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Trauma-informed Care Training

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The Basics of Trauma-informed Teaching

This course is designed as a practical introduction to the transformative power of trauma-informed teaching. As teachers understand developmental stages of child psychology, they can leverage that understanding to deepen strategic approaches to empower students to understand and heal their adaptive patterns of behaviors, which cause behaviors and reactions that are often unproductive and inappropriate for the classroom. 

The course covers 2 hours of content, which is perfect for an introductory or refresher in-service on trauma-informed teaching.

The Basics of Trauma-informed Teaching covers:

  • What is Trauma?

  • ACEs and Developmental Trauma

  • Neuroception & Triggers

  • Trauma Responses

  • Mirror Neurons & Compassion

  • Responding to Students’ Trauma Responses

  • Attachment

  • The Adolescent Brain

  • Adaptive Behavioral Loop

  • Positive Life Experiences & Resilience

  • The Mindful Classroom

  • Trauma-informed Teaching

Customization Opportunities:

School organizations often request and appreciate specific case study examples being used as integrated content when discussing specific trauma responses in students.


It is beneficial for this opportunity to be an extension to the core 2-hour content to provide an additional 2 hours for specific student case studies. This allows staff to leave feeling prepared to apply this new understanding to the individual students within their classrooms. 

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