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Our Story

We came to understand the impacts of trauma through Jessica's seemingly spontaneous muscle paralysis. We searched for answers as to why a physically active and overall well person would suddenly be unable to move without being in violent pain.

What we discovered was that Jessica was experiencing intense somatic flashbacks of emotional constriction as a result of complex developmental trauma. In recognizing the impact Jessica's past had on her present allowed Gustav to witness events from his own past, which were influencing experiences in his present. We also discovered effective pathways to release those constrictive patterns and how interpersonal interactions and conflicts allow for deeper healing of each part of ourselves.

All of the illness, dysfunction, and dysregulation we experienced was a result of past trauma's impact on the present; through Trauma-informed Care practices, we can all help each other heal. This results in improved quality of life for all!

We make use of the stories of our pasts and the interplay of our relational interactions as testimony of the on-going practice of embodying TIC practices into our daily lives.

Meet the Team

From therapy to custom education engagements, we have your needs covered.

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