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GMT provides therapeutic practices in many forms, from SSP sound therapy to Compassionate Inquiry Talk Therapy, to TIC training and consulting, our decades in curriculum design and instruction allows for us to confidently state that we can provide meaningful, research-based, responsive solutions for your needs, whether you are seeking empowered, embodied healing for yourself, your family, your organization, or your community.

Professional Development, & Consulting

While we have created a library of training offerings, we would love to talk to you about your specific needs and create a custom training event tailored to you, your community, and your goals.


Organizational Consulting

Business Consultation

As a trauma-responsive organization, GMT has the knowledge and experience to assist an organization in the process of becoming a truly effective and authentic trauma-informed organization. We have experience in consulting and mentoring organization and communities as they create meaningful cultural change.  From policy review and creation to training staff, we have you covered.


The Basics of Trauma-informed Teaching

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During this 2-hour inservice for student-facing staff, we create a practical and applicable understanding of trauma (triggered) reactions in the classroom and how teachers can leverage relational interactions to create the security and safety necessary for students to release and resolve their adaptive patterns of behavior. 


A Healing Journey

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During this 8-hour professional and personal development, participants explore the developmental stages of the human system and how adversity impacts the system, if left unresolved, and strengthens resilience, if processed. Participants will leave this training feeling empowered with knowledge and strategies for improving their own emotional regulation. 


Facilitating Healing

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This 9-hour professional development is designed for clinicians and therapeutic practitioners and healers. 

In this training, participants will learn the specific dynamics of trauma-responsive healing practices to ensure clients are benefitting from therapeutic practices on a somatic level. Participants will leave with a host of research-based, specific strategies for their professional practice. 


Foundations of Trauma-aware Practices

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During this 2-hour professional development, we create a foundational understanding of trauma-aware practices. Participants leave with an understanding of how unresolved trauma presents in the behaviors and relational interactions of individuals. 


Trauma-Sensitive Schools

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During the course of this extensive 8-hour professional training, student-facing school staff are provided a deep understanding of developmental psychology and the lasting impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Participants are also provided with an understanding of practical and applicable strategies for holding space for students exhibiting adaptive patterns of behavior in order to process and resolve issues of security and safety. 


Healing Together

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During this 12-hour, delivered over two 6-hour training days, participants learn practical means to work more effectively with other individuals through an understanding of attachment psychology and behavioral patterns. 

Participants will learn how to leverage peer support, collaboration, and mutuality to ensure positive outcomes in relational interactions and increased healing and emotional regulation.



Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 5.04.46 PM.png

For organizations and community governments, the ability to provide in-house professional development and on-boarding training for new hires is vital for sustainability and implementation of trauma-informed care practices. 

In this training, participants will learn how to effectively facilitate the training and assess the level of understanding of their own training participants. As we provide in-depth training to ensure quality trainers, our approach to this particular training requires participants to first engage in the training as students and then to engage in the training as facilitators, which doubles the total time for each level of training, but creates highly effective trainers.  

I highly recommend this Trauma-informed training. I went through this training and found it to be very intense, yet beneficial. I refer to and think about this training often. If you work in public service, education, or in the wellness spheres, please consider it.

Steffany Butts-Boucher

Our Therapies



Initial Consult



During this 30-minute, initial complementary consultation session, you will meet with Gustav to discuss your goals, his approaches, and to create a healing plan responsive of your individual history.


A la carte 

Psychotherapy Session

Therapy sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes ($160) or 90 minutes ($235) to allow for a client to first establish somatic safety before engaging in Compassionate Inquiry to find the root of your adaptive patterns of behavior, uncover the meaning you created around the events in your life, and in processing and resolving these injuries, establish patterns of behavior that align with your goals.


Safe and Sound Protocol

Sound Therapy

This sound therapy can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. The Safe and Sound Protocol is an evidence-based therapeutic tool designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety. Designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, the SSP features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve. Suitable for children and adults, the SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, and much more.

SSP can be paired with psychotherapy or life coaching to maximize positive outcomes. To ensure therapeutic support, Gustav provides email support for remote SSP clients. So, if a trigger arises during listening, you can contact him to make sense of it all. You are not alone in this process, even though you are access the service remotely. You will have unlimited access to all SSP programs for 6 months.

If you are interested in pairing SSP with Psychotherapy or Coaching, that is outlined a little lower on the page.


Movement Therapy:

Manitou Incline




During this full day event, you will be engaged in the physical challenge of summiting the Manitou Incline, while you are learning about your adaptive patterns of behavior and how to use your most triggered moments as opportunities for empowered growth and healing. 



Psychotherapy Bundle

This bundle is a commitment to 8, 90-minute sessions ($1440: $180/session). Sessions are rooted in Compassionate Inquiry as an approach to find the root of your adaptive patterns of behavior, uncover the meaning you created around the events in your life, and process and resolve these injuries. In healing, you will establish patterns of behavior that align with your goals.



Psychotherapy Bundle

This bundle is a commitment to 10, 60-minute sessions ($1200: $120/session). Sessions are rooted in Compassionate Inquiry as an approach to find the root of your adaptive patterns of behavior, uncover the meaning you created around the events in your life, and process and resolve these injuries. In healing, you will establish patterns of behavior that align with your goals.


A Perfect Pairing:

Safe and Sound Protocol

Sound Therapy and Psychotherapy/Coaching

This sound therapy can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, including during an in-person session. Many clients enjoy pairing SSP listening sessions within their therapy sessions to process anything that is brought up during the listening session.


Paired sessions include a customized combination of therapy/coaching and listening to meet your individual needs and provide adequate support for healing. For example, a paired session might be structured as 30 minutes of dialogue, 30 minutes of SSP listening, and then 30 minutes of compassionate dialogue to process and release the somatic tensions arising during the sound therapy or a paired session might be structured so that listening is done at home followed by a full 60 or 90-minute dialogic session to explore, process, and release the somatic tensions.

Pairing SSP with Compassionate Inquiry allows clients to feel completely supported through their healing journey.


Yoga Therapy
Yoga at Home

Somatic therapies, such as yoga, allow for a rekindling of the connection between the mind, body, and soul, focusing intention and blood flow on the specific areas of tension, constriction, and unresolved traumas, deepening the body's ability to process and release the unresolved traumas of the past, freeing yourself into a more open and tolerant present and future. This makes yoga an excellent compliment to therapy!

We are proud to offer individualized, private yoga sessions to target the spaces in your body that are bound by emotional, psychological, and physical traumas. We provide trauma-based yoga in restorative, yin, vinyasa, and prenatal styles. (Click here for details.



Enlightened Journey

-Each session includes a 1-hour pre-journey psychotherapy session to establish intentions around exploring roots of triggers and adaptive patterns of behaviors. During a 6-hour guided journey, the guide provides support during the journey, taking notes for the client, as they express their experiences and discoveries. In the days following the journey, clients explore what came up during the enlightened journey in a 1-hour post-journey psychotherapy session.This intensive session is designed to make explore what was discovered during the guided session; development of therapeutic plan to further resolve root injuries. These intensive, guided journeys can open the connections to deep roots during a single session. We offer single or dual guides; we offer male and/or female energies to ensure your root needs are fully supported.

Enlightened Journey
Enlightened Journey
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