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Our intention in creating this space is to provide a resource library for our clients to use to learn more about how unresolved trauma remains in the body. We know the empowering and healing potential education holds, so we hope you find these resources helpful and engaging. 

Please email us your feedback or additional resources we should add as we progress and grow. 

Gustav Moen Therapies

The videos below are intended to provided guided grounding and mindfulness practices.

Box Breathing Practice

Wheel of Awareness Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Gratitude Practice

Compassion and Self-Compassion Practice

Cultivating Awareness Practice

Cultivating Presence Practice

Self Acceptance Practice

Walking Meditation

Get Curious About Yourself

Loving Kindness Meditation

Holding Space

Alternating Nostril Breathing

Breathing Into Three Floors

More Coming Soon...

Leading Experts in Traumatology

Related Film Recommendations

The Wisdom of Trauma

Trauma is the invisible force that shapes lives. Now, Dr. Gabor Maté seeks to build a more understanding system that is less concerned on diagnosing and suppressing symptoms and more focused on individual healing.

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