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Trauma-informed Care Training

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Trauma-responsive Schools

This course is designed as a practical, yet exhaustive, professional development into the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), attachment trauma, and developmental trauma on a students affect, relational skills, and academic engagement and achievement. Staff who engage in this professional development express how the content not only transformed classroom practices, but also impacted their own personal development, increasing their own self-compassion and resilience. 

The course covers 8 hours of content, which can be delivered in one day or, as we suggest, spread across two 4-hour sessions.

Trauma-responsive Schools covers:

  • Narrative Vulnerability

  • Trauma and Stigma

  • Neurology

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Relational Attachment

  • TIC Policies and Practices

  • Peer Culture

  • Healing Classroom Strategies

  • The Role of the TIC Teacher

  • Trauma-informed MTSS

  • TIC Classroom Management

  • Secondary Traumatic Stress in Teachers

  • Resilience and Self-compassion

Customization Opportunities:

School organizations often request and appreciate specific review of policies and practices, as a means to initiate cultural change toward transformative trauma-responsive procedures.


It is beneficial for this opportunity to be an extension to the core 8-hour content to provide an additional 4 hours for staff and administration to engage in an intentional review and revision of current policies and practices to ensure these policies and practices are trauma-responsive and never traumatizing or re-traumatizing.

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