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Trauma-informed Care Training

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Foundations of Trauma-aware Practices

This course is designed as a detailed introduction into the impacts of unresolved trauma on individuals, relational interactions, and communities. This is an ideal training for those who believe trauma is only something that happens in an emergent or crisis situation or to others, as the content is designed, through the vulnerable narrative structure to engage with individuals on a personal level to invite the personal embodiment of the content. Participants have shared that engagement in this particular course transformed their relationship with their own stories and allowed them to move toward healing they never thought possible. 

The course covers 2 hours of content, which can be delivered as part of a larger professional development day or as a stand alone engagement. 

Foundations of Trauma-aware Practices covers:

  • Shame and Guilt

  • Trauma Reactions

  • What is Trauma?

  • ACEs

  • Adaptive Behavior Loop & Triggers

  • Attachment & Attunement

  • Trauma & Addiction

  • Positive Life Experiences

  • Retraumatization

  • Neurology

  • Trauma & Resilience

  • Mindfulness as Combat

  • Regulation Tools

Customization Opportunities:


It is beneficial for this opportunity to be extended by an additional hour to provide an opportunity for personal development and therapeutic discourse to ensure participants are prepared to continue to engage in healing reflection and grounding exercises. 

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