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Cruise Ships

Join us in Norway!

Relational Healing and Authentic Security:

Tearing Down Fences

Join us for a narrative on the need for relational healing to save ourselves, each other, and the world!

Jun 6 | 900-1500




GMT is an innovative force in trauma-informed care training and consulting as well as providing compassionate, effective psychotherapy to assist in resolving unprocessed trauma. 

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The myth is that once you start psychotherapy, you will be attending therapy every week for the rest of forever.

The truth is that compassionate inquiry provides deep healing and a reconnection to your authentic self within a few sessions. 

Gustav Moen Therapies provides powerful resolution of past traumas in a safe, healing environment

Are you ready to understand your behavior patterns and learn to work from your authentic self?

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Join this Viking Therapist as we investigate the roots of our behaviors (and the behaviors of others) and how the things that happened to us in the past become a prison that we live in the rest of our lives! Follow and like this channel to discover the owner's manual to the mind/body system. Handle stress, understand relationships, live healthier lives by healing disease and disorder in our somatic system, optimize your emotional health, understand and heal from addictions, improve sleep, immune system, lessen anger and rage, heal and reverse disease, and more. Gustav is a psychotherapist, trainer, and speaker specializing in trauma. He is a student of Gabor Maté, Stephen Porges, Dan Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Resmaa Menakam, Peter Levine, Thomas Hübl, Richard Schwartz, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Ido Portal, and more. A wounded healer, Gustav teaches from experience, often through sharing his own ded healer, Gustav teaches from experience, often through sharing his own story to allow others understanding of trauma and the mind/body system.


The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is non-invasive listening therapy to improve nervous system regulation, which can be accessed during an in-person session or remotely through the Unyte App.

The Safe and Sound Protocol is an evidence-based therapeutic tool designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety. Designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, the SSP features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve.

Suitable for children and adults, the SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, and much more.

Enlightened Discovery Journey Sessions

-Each session includes a 1-hour pre-journey psychotherapy session to establish intentions around exploring roots of triggers and adaptive patterns of behaviors. During a 6-hour guided journey, the guide provides support during the journey, taking notes for the client, as they express their experiences and discoveries. In the days following the journey, clients explore what came up during the enlightened journey in a 1-hour post-journey psychotherapy session.This intensive session is designed to make explore what was discovered during the guided session; development of therapeutic plan to further resolve root injuries. These intensive, guided journeys can open the connections to deep roots during a single session. We offer single or dual guides; we offer male and/or female energies to ensure your root needs are fully supported.  

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Is your organization or affiliation seeking to understand and implement Trauma-informed care practices, policies, and procedures? 

For years, GMT has created custom training solutions for individuals, organizations, communities, schools, and businesses wishing to train their staff in trauma-informed practices

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Register for our next donations-based training

GMT donates the time, expertise, and course materials to increase community and individual understanding of trauma-informed care principles

Participants share the transformative power of this training on the emotional and psychological regulation and wellness.

Participants report that the narrative structure of this training creates felt safety for others to heal and grow, which sets this training apart from any other related training on the market. 

Donations benefit the BeeHive of Manitou Springs: a community non-profit organization dedicated to increasing relational connections and wellness initiatives in Manitou Springs Colorado.

GMT can host hybrid trainings (in-person and virtual, simultaneously) for those who are not local, but wish to engage in the training. Contact us to learn more.

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