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Trauma-informed Care Training

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Facilitating Healing: Trauma-informed Clinical Practices

Building upon the foundational understanding of Course 1: A Healing Journey and Course 2: Healing Together, this course deepens trauma-informed care practices with a focus on clinical responsiveness to the impacts of trauma, including recognizing and moderating the effects of Secondary Traumatic Stress.

The course covers 9 hours of content, which can be facilitated over two 4.5-hour sessions or over three 3-hour sessions. 

Trauma-informed Clinical Practices

Section 1: Impacts of Unresolved Trauma

  • Developmental Trauma, ACEs, and Traumatic Stress 

  • Recognizing Prevalence of the Impacts of Trauma 

  • Trauma Survivor Vulnerabilities and Triggers

  • Traumatic Stress Continuum

  • Comorbidity of Traumatic Stress

Section 2: Applications of TIC Practices

  • TIC Practices and Policies

  • 10 Domains of TIC

Section 3: Avoiding Retraumatization

  • Knowledge of TIC practices

  • TIC Interventions

  • Complex Trauma Recovery

  • Recovery Continuum

  • Trauma-responsive Skills and Barriers

  • Resilience Resources

Section 4: Ethical Responsibilities

  • Secondary Traumatic Stress 

  • Provider Resilience

  • Bilateral Stimulation

  • Mental Health Continuum


We can create a custom curriculum product or engagement that includes specific topics that you, your organization, or your community needs to ensure the training is responsive to your goals and your needs.

Clinical Mentoring

Individualized mentoring for the implementation of TIC concepts and practices within your clinical practice available as an additional service. 

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