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This sound therapy can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, including during an in-person session. Many clients enjoy pairing SSP listening sessions within their therapy sessions to process anything that is brought up during the listening session.


Paired sessions include a customized combination of therapy/coaching and listening to meet your individual needs and provide adequate support for healing. For example, a paired session might be structured as 30 minutes of dialogue, 30 minutes of SSP listening, and then 30 minutes of compassionate dialogue to process and release the somatic tensions arising during the sound therapy or a paired session might be structured so that listening is done at home followed by a full 60 or 90-minute dialogic session to explore, process, and release the somatic tensions. Pairing SSP with Compassionate Inquiry allows clients to feel completely supported through their healing journey.


Coaching is provided outside of the state of Colorado, as Gustav Moen is registered to provide Psychotherapy only in the state of Colorado. 

5 Psychotherapy/Coaching Sessions with SSP

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